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Lazer Bullet Aero, rød/hvid/sort

Lazer Bullet Aero, rød/hvid/sort
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    Super Nyhed fra LAZER til super pris
    Aerodynamisk landevej
    Med 3 forsk. indsatser - også til TT og Triathlon
    Further improving aerodynamics on the rear of the helmet, Lazer employs a new adjustable fitting system dubbed ATS, a new interpretation of the classic Turnfit system. ATS combines the traditional Turnfit dial system on the back of the head with the Rollsys head basket, creating an even more effective retention system. The dial now controls a basket that grips a larger portion of the head, and with a quick turn of the ATS dial, a snug yet comfortable fit keeps the helmet firmly in place.

    The Bullet is fully compatible with Lazer's LifeBEAM technology (to measure your heart rate) and the Inclination Sensor (to monitor your head position on the bike and further improve aerodynamics).

    •An aero-approved, fully vented helmet for maximum performance
    •Airslide feature lets you choose maximum aero or ventilation
    •In-mold construction improves ability to diffuse impact
    •ATS retention system for a precise fit
    •Lazer bases its offerings on Wind tunnel-tested and peloton-proven designs