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SCOPE R3 - Full Carbon Clincher

SCOPE R3 - Full  Carbon Clincher
(Før 10.698,00)9.842,00  DKK

FULL CARBON til måske markedets bedste pris?
Model R3 CLIMBER wheel. 30mm høj. 26mm bred.
For: 629gram
Bag: 811gram
Samlet vægt: 1440 gram !
Fast wheels mean that you also have to brake hard. For the rim brake series Scope has developed a special braking surface compound and brake pads that are tuned to fit this brake track. Even in rainy conditions you will feel confident in the longest and steepest descents. The unique resin used by Scope in the carbon rims can handle an industry leading high temperature of 260°C.
Scope Cycling offers high-end aerodynamic full carbon
clinchers wheels and components for road cycling and
triathlon with a sleek and elegant design.

Hand built full carbon clincher wheels and components of Scope Cycling for
road racing that are a true competitive advantage and have a sleek and
elegant design. No Excuse.